Franchising has become increasingly popular in recent years and is quickly becoming the focus of several businesses. Following Vietnam’s entrance into WTO, many experts have predicted that the franchising field will soon reach its pinnacle. Competent legal advice for franchising is based on a solid foundation in real estate, intellectual property and tax law, areas where VB LAW already has the requisite experience. Our lawyers have assisted franchisors with the establishment, operation, expansion, acquisition, and disposition of franchises across Vietnam. We have also used our expertise to assist franchisors in protecting, enhancing, and exploiting their valuable portfolios of trademarks and other proprietary items in Vietnam. 

In the last few years, our lawyers have been involved in a number of franchising matters, advising numerous U.S. and internationally-based chains.

Some of our services in this area include:

  • Establishment and operation of franchises;
  • Expansion, acquisition, and disposition of franchises; and
  • Trademark protection, product and trademark enhancement, and the exploitation of opportunities.

Recent major achievements:

  • Negotiated an agreement between a Korean master franchisee and Vietnam’s own Pho 24.
  • Assisted Kinh Do Group in expanding their franchise operation.
  • Assisted Trung Nguyen Coffee in expanding their franchise operation.